Announcement 24th Winterthur Saturday-Tournament

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Announcement for the Go Autumn Saturday Tournament in Winterthur!
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Players of all strengths are welcome.


Date: Sat. November 4 2023


   Door opens         :         8:15 AM
   Registration       :  8:15 - 8:45 AM
   1. Round           :         9:00 AM
   2. Round           :        11:00 AM
   3. Round           :         1:45 PM
   4. Round           :         4:00 PM
   Awarding of prizes about     6:15 PM


Alte Kaserne in Winterthur [Technikumsstr. 8]. Room "Seminar" 1st floor


We play in 4 rounds. Japanese rules. (new) 40 minutes playing time, Japanese byo-yomi (30 seconds and 5 periodes Ā«overtimeĀ»); one stone reduced handicap (respect the softwares handycap):

Difference by softwarekomi
≥ 10.5

According to the registered participants a McMahon bar will be placed around 2 DAN. After each round the handicap is recalculated according to the McMahon-System. Please accept the new prescribed handicap after each round.

Capturing more than three stones allows the players to pause the clock.


1. MMS (Mac Mahon Score); 2. SOSM (Sum of Oponent Score McMahon); 3. DC (Direct Contact); 4. SOSOSM

Mc Mahon: only one group
1., 2. and 3. prize after McMahon rating (or - in case of a draw - openGotha order)
More prizes follow this rule:

  1. most wins
  2. McMahon rank (for players having the same number of wins [or openGotha order].)

For the rating we use OpenGotha. In case of doubt for the winner, the estimation of OpenGothas algorithm counts.

The tournament counts as a class B Tournament (75%).


  15 minutes after the round begins: start the clock.
  30 minutes after the round starts: you win by "forfait".

How much:

The tournament fee is CHF. 20.-. {euro 20.--}


* Players under 18, students and members of the "Winti-Go Club" pay only CHF. 15.-- {euro 15.--})

* Not Registered before the day of the tournament? Please pay additional CHF 2.- {euro 2.-} for involvedness.


Cups to win and fun.


Since 2012 there is is more trophy money.


Use Registration Form
or register directly at Philipp Gressly Freimann (phi (at) wintigo.org / 052 ' 212 22 15).

It has been seen to drinks. Take your lunch in a restaurant or fast food nearby.